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Aveen: The PCB Maker is a device that allows cheap, fast production of custom-printed circuit boards so a consumer doesn't have to pay a premium for production and shipping from out of state or abroad. Most current consumer PCB-making devices use a milling bit to mill away the unwanted copper, a time-consuming process that results in a product that is normally rough and unusable. This method also requires a full redesign of the board before going into commercial production. The PCB Maker aims to cut down on time spent, increase the reliability of the tool, and output better quality PCB's. After a laser galvanometer cures a positive image of the design onto a photoresist layer, the PCB blank is dipped in a series of acid and corrosive baths in order to etch away the unwanted copper and output a finished board. This method creates the speed necessary for one-off or small batch production of boards. 

The previous design of this device had several problems with stability and reliability due to its wood structure and haphazard assembly. The improved design uses 20/20 aluminum for a more precise and stable structure, with the added benefit of enabling easy mounting to tables, walls, and even other PCB makers.