For the Streets


Aveen Nagpal
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for the streets

Aveen Nagpal
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The Duckiebot is a vehicle that can navigate the streets of Duckie town either under remote control or under the control of a Raspberry Pi. The ability to control itself allows Duckie-Bot to be mostly self-sufficient, needing to stop to charge only every 12-18 hours. The Duckiebot uses its indicator lights in order to communicate its next action in a way that can be understood by human drivers. The Duckiebot is powered by two individual motors that are mounted parallel to each other, allowing the Duckiebot to turn; a ball caster provides stability by giving the Duckiebot a third point of contact to the ground. The Duckiebot was made to teach Nuvu students how self-driving cars work and how to build and use a Raspberry Pi, in preparation for more complex future projects.