Lauren Yung

The Earth Habitat

Kenzie Morris and Lauren Yung
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A relaxing chair that allows the user to take a break from the stresses of their environment. The Earth Habitat is a space that engages with the environmental issue of environmental pollution and waste, while it is made of earthy, sustainable materials such as moss and mycelium (a kind of fungus). The Earth Habitat can help anyone who wants to take a break after a long and stressful day. It encourages the sustainable reuse of materials that you would usually throw away or find outlandish, helping to save the natural environment. By using a chair that is made of mycelium, the user has an enhanced connection to nature. Not only that but it incorporates sustainable materials into aesthetically pleasing architecture while creating a safe and relaxing space for someone who wants some time alone.

The Earth Habitat is essentially a chair, with a light box at the top, that is built into a wall of shelves that hold boxes of moss. Some of the boxes are connected to wires to channel the electricity created by the moss, powering LED lights in the light box and providing the user a light source for reading. The chair is designed to be comfortable, allowing ample leg room and a curve for the person's spine. The hope is that the Earth Habitat's use of these materials can inspire others to start finding ways to reuse their waste and ultimately help our environment become cleaner. 

A space created by a wall and a curved chair, that is made out of completely sustainable materials. The goal of the Earth Habitat is to help calm and refresh users so they are ready to work after a break.

The Earth Habitat is a wall with a curved chair through it. It is a way to leave stress behind and isolate themself from the NuVu community for a few minutes. The main goal is to provide a space that will enable users to work more productively when they return to work. Around the world, many materials are thrown away that could otherwise be utilized. 

The project uses sustainable materials as a way to combat the issue of utilizing waste to craft this space. Studies show that the work environment affects the workers' productivity level; however, this concept is never thought out in workspaces. Often workplaces are designed to benefit the business itself and not the employees. The Earth Habitat thinks about both perspectives with happy workers, your business flourishes. The NuVu community can use the Earth Habitat to refresh their minds when overstimulated. On the shelves, there is moss to power LEDs in a transparent acrylic light box, which illuminates the space for reading. The chair's curve follows the natural curvature of the human spine. To make the mycelium mold we used a 1:1 spawn and substrate ratio. This overall experience helps you disconnect from the outer world for a few minutes and then step out feeling empowered.