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Aveen Nagpal
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bobby the hobby machine

Zeke Hurley and Aveen Nagpal
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Zeke :

 The creation, "Bobby The Hobby Robot," can create an art with further aspects to it, bringing the potential to make more beauty than any other art form, truly making the world a more beautiful and intricate place. With this level of computer made beauty in a method that we will never understand it gives technology a sense of beauty in a field that we cant see and only it can decide what Is beautiful. 

Motors let and pull in strings to move a multicolored LED light around in three-dimensional space while changing its color.The program sees all the points it moves through across time simultaneously but still understanding its movement, This is because the robot is acting off all of its previous motions and recording all its movement'. Unlike humans, it truly manages to see four dimensions by seeing the complete picture it has drawn while seeing the order it did it because unlike humans robots have perfect memories and no distinction between knowledge and scenes.

Aveen : 

Bobby the Hobby Machine is a creative robot that uses sensory inputs to mimic the human subconscious and create an art piece in a way that approximates the way a human artist would work. The machine uses a system of sensors, including but not limited to color sensors, microphones, and accelerometers, in order to generate a "profile" that it will then use to affect the painting process e.g. loud, jarring sounds and a lot of green will mean it will clash with green and use other colors, or calm sounds and very blue light will mean it will use more blue in its painting. The machine was made to be more human than other robots and to act and design in a more inefficient but very creative way. A system of servo motors that attach to a chassis via taut strings moves the chassis around in three dimensions; an RGB LED light inside the chassis will light up with different colors depending on its preferences.