Kitchen Daily Drawing #2

Kenzie Morris

Tofu cooking with tongs and a spatula. 

Daily Sketch #1

Kenzie Morris

Selfie Sketch for Daily Sketch #1

Prototypes 1st Round

Kenzie Morris

For todays studio time I made 3 prototypes, one with string, but the string would not hold the coiled shape of the seahorse, so I decided to use more of a structured material like wire. Wire is sturdy and holds shape. 

I also made a hedge hog, I used string to make the head fold and unfold. I did that so that it would move into a ball. 

Next steps:I would add texture to the hedge hog and find a way for the spikes to go up and down. For the sea horse I would make more texture and maybe use a wire and engine so that the wire could coil then uncoil. This could make it sturdier and work without someone pulling it.