Poppin Presentation

Kevin Brown and Aveen Nagpal
1 / 18


This pastry is supposed to surprise and shock the user. To create an awkward experience for the eater, it has a balloon filled with popping boba on the inside so that when they try to eat the dessert with a fork, the balloon will pop and boba will go everywhere. The balloon will stay in one piece when it pops so it is easy to get out of the pastry as needed. The pastry is made with a simple tart crust lined with chocolate, There is a layer of m&ms and gummy bears on the inside to make it look like a kid could have made it. After the candy, there is a layer of sponge cake to separate the different layers. On top of that, there is the balloon filled with boba submerged in creme so it is hidden away. Above that, there is another layer of sponge cake to top it off. This pastry can appeal to anyone who likes sweets. Kids would probably like this more than adults because of the candy on the inside.