Future Living: Tree Dwellings

Saba Ghole

As human population growth continues to expand and natural space becomes harder to find, discovering places for retreat and solitude are becoming more and more difficult. The ecological repercussions of human activities have moved from the realm of post-apocalyptic science fiction to stories on our daily news feed. The need to design and inhabit quiet spaces in tune with the ecological world around us has never been greater. As the world continues to grow smaller and smaller, how will we find moments of peace to connect with nature and the biological world around us?

Looking back to the wonder and magic of childhood tree houses, this studio will explore notions of dwelling, hermitage, and ecology in order to concept, design, and build full-scale a site-specific and habitable micro tree dwelling! We’ll build with an extreme and personal sensitivity to its physical place in the world. Through this process, we’ll learn fundamental architectural design skills including drawing, physical modeling, and representation to dream up our tree dwelling, as well as fabrication skills including 3D modeling, laser cutting, 3D printing, generative design, wood working, construction, and assembly. We’ll also develop an innovative fabrication technique using computational methods and material methodology to construct our future dwelling on site. Will we create a new model of urban hermitage for the future? Only you and our visitors will decide!


Focus Skills/Subjects/Technologies:


   Architecture + Urban Design

   Physics (Electricity, Magnetism)


   Digital + Analog Fabrication (Laser-cutting, 3D Printing, Woodworking, Construction)

   3D Modeling

   Social Sciences


  • Enrolling students must be between the ages of 14 to 18 (or grades 9-12)