Innovation Camp 2017 - Session 2 - Studio

The Fresh Trend - Final Post

Julia Frangioni and Katrina Rojas
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Amro Arida
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The Door Bot

Christopher Kitchen
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A small attachment for your door that fully automates it for wheelchair accessibility. It uses a string to unlatch the handle and rolls the door open with a wheel.


For people with disabilities, it can be difficult if not impossible to leave the house on your own for many reasons. In the case of our client, Lee has quadriplegic cerebral palsy and therefore, can't open a door on his own. I decided to solve this by automating his door.  While there are obviously forms of automation for doors that have existed for a long time, there aren't really any home alternatives. Most of the automatic doors you see are bulky metal bars at the top of a door, impersonal, tacky, non-domestic, and overpriced. I decided to create a small, affordable, and easy to install automation for Lee's home. The design is a small box you slide under your door with a wheel on the floor, and a string sticking out the top attached to the door handle. When installing, all you have to do is slide the box under, tie the string around your door handle, and once you plug it in your done!

The Water Wheel

Graham Galts and Jakob Sperry
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Physical Design - Bird Beak

Benjamin Campbell and 2 OthersBlas Di Tella
Jakob Sperry
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Video (example)

Andrew Todd Marcus
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The Cocoon (Final Post Example)

Kate Reed and Andrew Todd Marcus
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