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Joseph Cybul

The Brief

Joseph Cybul and Richard Lourie

We are creating a video game based on the Brazilian game known as Taco, in this game four people will use their phones to connect with each other and play, they will have to use physical movements that their found will read. 

Taco is a sport usually played on the street with friends and people around your neighborhood, it's played by two teams of two people and the main objective is to score as many points as you can. The equipment that you will need to play this game are basic things you can gather at home, the first things are the bases, which are usually made with recycled bottles, then you will need two sticks to as the bats, and finally a ball, its time to play. The bases are settled one in front of the other within a distance of 10 to 15 meters and one member of each team is standing in one of the sides if you are pitching you will stand behind the base and try to hit the base on the opposite side with the ball.from this point, there are two possible options one, that you manage to hit the base and you and your teammate take the turn to bat or the other team hits the ball meaning that you will have to run to get the ball while other  team runs back and forth to score points, the game continues until they score a certain amount of points that they set before the game starts.

In order to represent this game in a more global environment, we are creating a video game that has the main essence of taco.This game is played by two teams of two people, one team will have the role of pitching and the other one hitting, for pitching each player will be able to control one axis meaning that they can only control if the ball goes either up and down or right and left, by tilting their phones to that direction, the objective is to hit a bottle on the other side of the screen without beeing stopped by the hitting team. As for the other team they will be able to control un axis of the stick that is trying to stop the ball, but this time they will click the position and the stick will go there, their objective is to stop the ball from getting to the bottle.