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Jakob Sperry

As a teaching assistant in this studio, I helped the Blind Sphere and Fidget Bracelet groups. My help was mainly focused on computer-aided design (CAD) in Fusion 360. Along with technical help, I also guided these groups through the design process and how to think about a part before modeling it. With the Blind Sphere, I helped the students model the hinge that held the white sticks and the bumpers. Before even touching the computer I had them sketch the part and think about how it would be assembled and used. Then I spent a lot of time teaching the team members Fusion 360. For the Fidget Bracelet group, most of my time was spent teaching Fusion. The group had a clear idea of what they wanted the bracelet to look like and how it would work. With a clear design path laid out, I dug deeper into the fundamentals of 3D modeling. In the end, I feel like I learned a lot about teaching and how to best phrase things in the most understandable way. I also learned a lot about Fusion 360 because I had to slow down and really think about the best way to model a part. 

The Fidget Bracelet

Wyatt Harris
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Blind Sphere

Alek Goodpaster and Max Shriver
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