Azwanaki Book

Manuel Gold

The Final

Manuel Gold and Janice Tabin

We made this book because we didn't want kids to grow up and continue polluting the Earth, but rather provoke them to make a change without lecturing or preaching at them. We used water color and construction paper to exaggerate the contrast between land and sea, with added digital art to make the main characters pop. We didn't want to talk down to kids, knowing that they can understand difficult subjects when delivered in an appropriate form, but we thought it was important to show children the importance of the Earth and conserving it.

Our project was meant to solve a critical problem.  There are many issues that adults find hard to talk about with kids, such as racism, immigration, and environmental issues.  This storybook helps communicate pollution and climate change in a context children can understand and relate to.  We used water color and construction paper for the landscapes, as well as Photoshop to add the characters and paste them all together.

The book engages children from ages 4-7, and helps them learn about environmental issues facing the earth currently.  The book helps children and their parents start a conversation about climate change and pollution.  It brings up questions about these topics.  Hopefully, this book will change the way parents and their children look at children's books.