Armor (Heidi)

On Display

Rosa Weinberg and 3 OthersWill Brown
Rachel Siegel
Alexander Jin

The Brief

Rachel Siegel and 2 OthersAlexander Jin
Will Brown

Our studio is a workshop in which we construct wearables for dancers in the exhibit, On Display. On Display is trying to change people's ideas of beauty, by using dancers with disabilities. It gives the audience a chance to disregard society's obsession with body image. My group is creating a wearable for Heidi Latsky, the head of On Display. Heidi does not have disability, however she feels very vulnerable about her image, and age. We decided that this feeling of vulnerability is something we could represent in a wearable very well.

Our project is a necklace, with many detachable pieces of armor connected to it. Throughout the show, Heidi will slowly take off the pieces of armor until only the necklace is left. This is meant to represent her getting over her vulnerability. Heidi performs a very serious and physical dance nearing the end of the show, and doing it with the armor attached would be very restrictive. This is another reason for why we decided it would be important for her armor to be stripped fully off at some point. Heidi wants everything to be white during her shows. This became an obstacle we had to overcome because it limited us to a very minimal amount of materials, however we were very lucky because Acrylic, the material we knew we wanted to use, came in white. Most of our project is created out of this white acrylic. The triangle pieces that the necklace is primarily made out of is white acrylic, as well as the plates of armor. Our wearable is a very meaningful piece of art. We hope this project can encourage people watching to let themselves show their true form, and not let themselves feel self conscious about who they are.

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Will Brown and 2 OthersAlexander Jin
Rachel Siegel
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