Demo Vid

Joddy Nwankwo and Jill Kirson

The Process

Jill Kirson and Joddy Nwankwo

There are people of different sexes across the country and even the world who have experienced sexual harassment, being followed or made uncomfortable my creepy human beings. Our device is a solution to the ubiquitous problem of sexual harassment women face all over the world. 

     ImPENetrable is an emergency bluetooth pen that allows you to create fake text messages and calls to the users phone and is also capable of notifying the police. This device was created so it’s users feel safer in a situation where there might be someone following them or making them uncomfortable. There is also a built in pepper spray bottle. The beauty in this device is that it is disguised in an everyday object, a pen. This allows us to appeal to a bigger audience because women are not the only one who face this problem. 

     ImPENetrable will be connected to your mobile device. With one click of the pen, you are able to send a fake, pre set, text message to your phone. This messages will come in many different forms and from different contacts as well. For example, a text can come from “Dad” or “Boyfriend,” saying “I’ll be there in a minute”. With two clicks of the pen, you’ll be able to send an instant incoming call to your phone that will act as a distraction to a person following you. Lastly, three clicks will call the police if the situation is completely out of hand. The pen is bluetooth, so the police will already have your location since your phone is equipped with a GPS. We anticipate that this device will help all users feel a lot safer in their every day life.

The Brief

Jill Kirson and Joddy Nwankwo