Seeds and Sprouts

Lalita Bellach and 2 OthersChloe Peterson
Xiao Mei Casado

Chloe, Xiao Mei, Lalita

Final Review

April 14th, 2022

Seeds and Sprouts

all of us

Seeds and Sprouts is a decorative chalkboard made for Land Sake Farms’ flower gardens in Weston, MA. This functional art piece is made to help improve the farms’ community and customers by having a space to display data. Creating a magnetic chalkboard-like base, Land Sake Farms’ staff can use the board to convey different information to their visitors. Some of the information considered was to have an illustrated birds-eye-view image of the different areas of the flower garden. There would also be a key at the bottom of this “map” displaying and showing what types of flowers are in each area allowing customers to have an easy experience finding their specific flower needs. Another piece of data that would be displayed on the board is a list/ compilation of flowers that are currently in season, which would also be displayed with the additional laser-cut and painted flower magnets. 

Seeds and Sprouts’ artistic and visual aspect, includes multiple different layers. Creating a flower field-like border, three stationary layers of laser-cut wood resemble a flower garden. This brings dimension and visual interest to the pieces and hopefully intrigues visitors of the farm and flower gardens. Each layer on the laser-cut garden is also painted with acrylic with a weather-proofed finish to ensure a long-lasting effect. These layers are attached to the bottom half of a 2x3 ft piece of sheet metal which is covered in a couple of coats of chalkboard paint.