Green Gaurd

Wyatt Gold and Jade Vincent

By Wyatt And Jade

Green Guard


Humanless High Tunnels is an innovative and fully automated system that facilitates the regulation of temperature, humidity, and ventilation in soft-wall high tunnels. The system is specially designed to enable farmers to install a monitoring system quickly and easily, which regulates the temperature and humidity levels within the high tunnels. Additionally, the system automatically rolls and unrolls the sides of the high tunnels to regulate ventilation and humidity.

Humanless High Tunnels offers an efficient and effective solution for small farms by taking on the time-consuming task of monitoring and regulating the environmental conditions within the high tunnels. This allows farmers to have more flexible schedules and downtime, which can lead to improved productivity and work-life balance.The system is composed of three primary components: an array of sensors that are placed inside the high tunnels, a central computer, and the door system. The sensors operate continuously to report the atmospheric conditions within the high tunnel to the central computer. The computer then uses this data to determine when the side doors need to be opened or closed to regulate the temperature and humidity levels.


Humanless High tunnels is an aid for farmers who want their plants to thrive indoors without anyone monitoring their high tunnels. Farmers at a local farm called “Land Sake” have expressed an issue with their high tunnels. The plants inside these small greenhouses need fresh air every day, and so someone has to be at the farm every day to roll up a tarp that protects against the environment. If plants do not get enough humidity and the right temperature, they can get a plethora of diseases. 

Humanless High Tunnels is here to help farmers have some freedom and save money on workers. Rolling up a high tunnel tarp can take up to 10 minutes to do by hand, and must be done every single day, sometimes more than once a day. Using a DC motor, an Arduino, and a humidity sensor, Humanless High Tunnels will automatically roll up your tarp based on the humidity in the high tunnel. Once the humidity levels reach a certain percentage, the sensor will tell the motor to roll up a rail, bringing the tarp with it.