Studio Overview

Joselyn McDonald

Session 2: July 24, Aug 4, 2023

Engines charged. Launchers filled. Robots ready and programmed. Ready, set, go! 

This is Battlebotics - you have 3 minutes to show your robot’s might, defend your territory and conquer an arena with other robots stealthily moving about you! In this arena, your team will compete to become the champion of NuVu Battlebotics!

In this studio, students will be constructing remote-controlled robot vehicles that will compete in NuVu Battlebotics, NuVu’s premier robot games. In 3 minutes, each student team will maneuver their custom machine around a terrain filled with surprises and hidden traps! Student teams will be given a set of supplies, equipment, and tools that they can use to design and build their robots. Creativity is your only limitation! 

Students will learn about all the components that make their vehicle go vroom: motors, batteries, engines, radio signals, types of chassis and wheels, and robotic intelligence. Students will ride the waves of radio frequency and modulation, therefore understanding how transmitters and receivers communicate. Other topics of discussion include on-road versus off-road suspension, how RC models compare to full-sized cars, and levels of robotic intelligence (automaton, remote control, teleoperation, full autonomy). Students will experience the hands-on joy of soldering, drilling, and building circuits before applying a custom paint job for the finishing touch. Then it’s off to the arena where the robots will greet each other for NuVu Battlebotics!


Focus Skills/Subjects/Technologies:





3D Modeling

Sensors & Actuators