Session 1: July 10 - 21, 2023

Today, instead of waiting for natural selection to run its course, we are actively controlling our species' changes in physical and genetic traits. Technological advancements are happening faster than ever before, and we can now enhance every aspect of the human body, from appearance to physical strength to memory.  We’re approaching an age in which 3D-printed organs, augmented vision through telescopic contact lenses, personalized drugs to enhance performance, and brain-computer interfaces to control neuroprosthetic limbs with the mind are no longer ideas of the future. But with all of these augmentations, more significant questions abound. How can the design process influence the way we perceive our human potential?

In this studio, students will create beyond-human body extensions and enhancements that range from practical to provocative. Through brainstorming, rapid prototyping, ideation, and on-going feedback, students will design, build, and activate these enhancements while uncovering what makes us human. 


Focus Skills/Subjects/Technologies:





3D Modeling

Sensors & Actuators