Studio Overview

Joselyn McDonald

Session 2: July 24 - Aug. 4, 2023

Have you ever looked at the superpowers of non-human species and wondered how we could attain the same? Humans and plants share a unique history and evolution that extends far back in time. Plants provide nutrition, fiber, and even medicine that keeps humans alive and well. When humans learned how to live with plants through agriculture, it allowed us to develop our settlements and become more complex as a society. 

In this studio, students observe the plant-human relationship today and consider future change as both a challenge and an opportunity. Through hands-on assignments, research, and brainstorming, student teams will design and prototype plant-inspired wearables. You will investigate the superpowers of the natural world and re-appropriate these for human advancement. Along the way, students will explore the power of design, microelectronics (Arduino), and body attachment techniques to create adaptive devices that push the limits of what it means to be a human. In this studio, we will create robotic body extensions that range from practical to provocative.  Students will design, build, and activate these enhancements using microprocessors, sensors, 3D modeling software, and rapid prototyping.


Focus Skills/Subjects/Technologies:




Digital Fabrication

3D Modeling