Session 1: July 10-21, 2023

Wheel into action and speed your way through this studio by designing, building, and reimagining the future of mobility across uncharted terrains through the design of rovers. How will your rover help advance human exploration into new and exciting discoveries? In this studio, students will construct sci-fi and futuristic rovers of their imagination while learning about recent advancements in autonomous machines and technology. They will discover uncharted lands that humans have yet to roam and design adaptive rovers that will face the challenges of these extraterrestrial terrains. 

Students will learn about all the components that make their vehicle go, vroom: motors, batteries, engines, radio signals, types of chassis and wheels, and robotic intelligence. Students will ride the waves of radio frequency and modulation, therefore understanding how transmitters and receivers communicate. Other discussion topics include on-road versus off-road suspension, how RC models compare to full-sized cars, and levels of robotic intelligence (automaton, remote control, teleoperation, full autonomy). Students will experience the hands-on joy of soldering, drilling, and building circuits before applying a custom paint job for the finishing touch.


Focus Skills/Subjects/Technologies:





3D Modeling

Sensors & Actuators