The Brief

Micah Reid and Louie Adamian
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Coexistence is a device to make communication between people in a long distance relationship feel more natural. It simulates the feeling of sharing a home for those who are geographically separated.

Coexistence sits in a room that would typically be shared. When the users enter their rooms at the same time a motion sensor detects their presence and they are automatically connected. This leads to the experience of living together, allowing for a more natural feeling of cohabitation. Unlike a phone call, there isn't pressure to speak the entire time. It can be left on when the users are in their chosen rooms, and they can talk whenever they feel like it, or just exist in the same space. if the user is in the middle of a conversation they can bring the device with them to another room. The user can also pick a "home base", like a bedroom, to keep their device more permanently to set a shared area within the home.