The Brief

Janice Tabin and Mathew Paul

Do you ever feel like a wave has washed over you? Emotions can change like the tides, they can be violent or tranquil, and can sometimes feel like they are consuming you. This is a device to help people communicate their feelings, with more movement correlating with more stress. This can be helpful when two people are separated for a long period of time and wish to check up on how the other is feeling. You are able to tap the machine to say you are stressed, and how stressed you feel depending on the force. It was important to us to have a fun and interactive interface.

The wave mechanism is actually very simple, it is rods with weighted ends evenly dispersed through a strip of fabric. When tapped on one side, it makes a chain reaction in the movement of a wave. The is a sensor on the fabric that recognizes how hard you pushed and send the information to the other device which replicates your movement with a mechanical arm.


Janice Tabin and Mathew Paul

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     Evocative Image: Gif with the movement of the wave. The main inspiration for our project.

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     Challenge and Solution

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     Precedent: Kinetic sculpture with a similar idea of using the weight of your object to make a repetitive movement.


     Slide 5: First attempt with paper clips and painters tape. 

     Slide 6: Similar idea to first with different materials.

     Slide 7: First design with laser cut rods. Worked effectively but was very large.

     Slide 8: Changing from tape to fabric, was a good idea but the fabric we choose was too stretchy. 

     Slide 9: First iteration with full base and electronics. 


     Slide 10: We fully competed for one structure with electronics and one without. There were two main components.

    Slide 11: The motor and spindle, which tapped the rod to trigger the wave.

   Slide 12: The vibration sensor to recognize when you tapped it.