The Brief

Rachel Siegel

Many people sit on the T miserable, alone and starring at their phone. Our idea is a mug that would help prevent people from feeling so lonely while on their commute to or from work. This mug would be a fidgeting tool that could help prevent people from looking at their phone while creating a sense of community on your ride into or from work. If you twist a ring on the base of the mug one way it would represent a positive feeling and if you twisted the ring in the opposite direction it would represent a negative feeling. The representations of these feelings would be collected from every person on the train that has given input and displayed in some manner in the train so that there is a visual representation of how people around you are feeling. This creates a sense of personal importance but also a sense of being part of a community. Dylan and I made the mug from 3D printing and we made the display out of thin wood.  Hopefully this product will make rides on the T a little less lonely and individual. Eventually, the positive or negative representations could contribute as feedback about the experience while riding the T and is a fun approach to surveys. 


Rachel Siegel and Dylan Curran
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