Nya Rudek and Madeline Tallarico
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The Brief

Nya Rudek and Madeline Tallarico
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"Beads Not Speed" is a physical way of showing communication by using the speed of beads. The pattern of the beads speed is seen by a sensor which is then sent to a computer, decoded, and written out for the receiver to read. 

Humans can track information and communitcation all the way back in time. Whether it was through tying knots on rope, using messanger pidgeons, or morse code, communitcation was and is everywhere. Now in days, the types of communication include texting, calling, or tweeting which has become super easy and simple. The Physical Encoding studio did not focus on making communication simpiler but, on the idea of physically showing communication happening. My partner, Nya, and I created a board which two gears and a sensor that detects the timming of the beads to decode a message. We are using bianry code, a system that uses 0's and 1's to create a letter, to make the messages in the computer. The users will type a message in one computer, the gear will let the beads out in the correct order, a sensor will track the beads, and the information from the sensor will get transfored onto another computer. Though this is a long way of communication, this is giving people the opertunity to take a deeper look at communication and information. Our project is showing people how communitcation, a thing that we sometimes take for granted in our everyday lives, works.