Lill Ridge

Eli Krieger and Jakob Sperry
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It is human nature to be curious, and that applies to every situation. Whether it is scientists searching through the depths of outer space, or a dog sniffing a tree in a new park, curiosity is inevitable. With this in mind, we designed the Lill Ridge to keep other people's curiosity out of your things. This desk can be used anywhere and by anyone. We chose to make a very minimal desk because moving it becomes a lot easier, and with a nice bamboo wood finish, it can look good in any setting. Some of our thoughts on the best uses are, the office to protect important documents. At home, to keep things hidden from your parents. At college, to keep more expensive things safe from people who walk in and out of the dorm room. These are just three of the many possible places to put the desk.

We modified the LILLĂ…SEN IKEA desk but decided to do almost all of the modifications on the inside so the look of the desk stays simple and minimal to keep to the original design of the desk. The middle drawer has been cut down to accommodate the electronics. To help with cable management an extension cord was embedded under the desk. Unlike many other locking desks on the market we chose not to use a key, because keys are not very reliable. They can be copied or lost, and the lock can be picked by any amateur with a smartphone. Therefore, we chose to include two different types of codes. The first is a magnetic sensor inside the desk that is triggered with a magnet on the top. The second method, a keypad, is more secure because even if someone sees you pressing the numbers they will not be able to see what is being put in as the keypad is on the underside of the desk. Finally, because we know everyone has a few late nights every once in a while we added lights to each of the drawers so all of your items can easily be seen at any time of the day.


Eli Krieger