Studio Overview

Joselyn McDonald

Session 3: Aug 8 - 19, 2022

Fashion is more than just the clothing we choose each morning. It can be a tool for self-expression, create a jaw-dropping emotional experience, and even transform ordinary humans into super-humans by allowing us to breath underwater and walk on the moon. Fashion can also transport us to worlds that are far and distant like outer space where inspirations abound. 

In this studio, students will take over the interstellar runway with their genre-bending fashion that reaches for inspiration from the internal self out to the solar system. Students will learn the basics of sewing and digital fabrication techniques to create their expressive fashion pieces. They’ll also have the opportunity to incorporate unique materials, patterns, and designs that will culminate with an immersive fashion show and photoshoot. 


Focus Skills/Subjects/Technologies:




Digital Fabrication

3D Modeling