Deconstructed Earth

Cole Krivak

Deconstructed earth depicts what our planet in the far future could look like.  Humanity has decided to make a Dyson sphere, but the only place with enough resources to make it is earth. So the Earth is in the process of being completely mined. 

Using Blender to make and most of the assets, and using Quixel bridge to get the rocks and landscape textures they can be brought into Unreal Engine.  Where this scarred version of the planet can be made, and make it possible to see what it could look like if and event of this scale were to happen. 


Faith Field

Escape from Xengari

Nate Besthoff

Escape From Xengari Final

Collapsed Circuits

Jere Nierenberg

This one minute clip is a short teaser for a film about what society could look like if the supply chain were to collapse.


Siena Jekel

Human-Robot is a short film that explores what it means to be human and asks the question can a robot be human. this takes place in a future dystopia, where a robot who is not accepted into society finds humanity within himself and struggles with who he is. The project allows users to identify with the robot and its struggles with being accepted.