Pre-Studio Activity

Chris Perry

Creating Your Studio Setup


When looking to build anything, the materials chosen become very important, and this is no different for our project.  We will be on the look out for a few different types of materials with varied uses.  The best location to begin your search is the recycling bin, but please make sure to approve this with adults prior to delving in.

For each of these properties, have a picture ready and your reason for why you chose it. No re-using materials, each should be a different material.

  1. Strong: Find a piece of material which is very strong. When we use the word strong, how does this fit your material?
  2. Weak: Find a material which is weak.  Does this fit the same definition from your strong material or do strength and weakness take on different meanings for different materials?  Why would you want a weak material in your bot?
  3. Flexible: Find a piece of material which is flexible.  Does this material return to its original shape after being flexed or does it stay in a new shape?  Is is harder to flex in one direction than another?
  4. Fold-able: Find a material which folds.  How is this different from your flexible material?
  5. Easy to cut: Find a material which you can easily(and safely!) cut with scissors.  Why would this material be useful for your bot?
  6. Hard to cut: Find a material which is hard to cut (and please do not try to cut it now). Why might this be useful for your bot?  What might be a challenge when using this?