Oliver Szott and Lalita Bellach

By Lalita and Oliver




Spirit is a flat game/ virtual world that allows the user to explore the forest and the space around them. While exploring the beauty of the outdoors, there are calming natural and whimsical sounds that accompany the user during their travels. However, the player doesn't quite have a specific identity. A mysterious glowing white orb takes form as the player, leaving it up for different interpretations while traveling through the digital world. 

When entering the game, the player appears on an old tree stump before exploring the world. There is also a night and day cycle that will change perspectives on how the forest might be viewed at different times. This exploratory game shows just some of the many great things from the outdoors and is a calming experience for all ages.



The trees are turning colors; the air is getting colder. In Forest Game, the player explores the forest with goals to escape. There is no list of objectives but rather an open journey towards appreciating the earth. Forest Game offers an opportunity to experience the serene and calming environment in the late summer/early autumn season. Amid this exploration, the player has the choice to either stay in the woods and build a habitat, or to head home. 

Calming, ambient music soundtracks the game, among the sounds of birds chirping and ferns ruffling. Bright, and sharp colors encompass the game, adding a rich contrast to the playful "sketchbook" style art. The main character is a glowing orb, which offers an ambiguous identity. This identity could represent the player of the game but can reach the limits of the player's imagination.

Final Forest Spirit Game!

Lalita Bellach