Augmented Reality Games (Virtual)

Augmented Reality Games

Saba Ghole

Session 2: July 26-August 6, 2021

Games have been a part of the social context of our lives for centuries. From cards to chess and modern board games, people have come together for the social aspect, to pass the time, challenge intellect or establish status. But games also tell a story: how they originated, who created them and why. In this studio, we will analyze and understand the strategy and mechanics of making a great game, using the context of a historical or modern protest as a theme.

In this studio, we’ll create and program innovative augmented reality video games using Unity3D. We will learn how to program, create 3D models, and, above all, explore the design implications of AR, the newest form of media and entertainment. Send the main character (that’s you!) on an interactive virtual quest through your school; design whimsical fantasy worlds that emerge inside your bedroom; create a sci-fi story based on a world similar to Mars but taking place right here on Earth! Alongside the game design, students will conceptualize a strong narrative for the game and flex their digital art skills creating the graphics. After coming up with an initial idea, students will conceive the rules and structure of the game (gameplay), and build these into their game environment. Finally, we will move to the production phase and bring all the elements together to launch your Augmented Reality game!


Focus Skills/Subjects/Technologies:

   Game Design


   Storyboarding & Storytelling

   Game Production & Editing

   Sound Design & Sound Effect Creation

   3d Modeling

   Adobe Photoshop



  • Enrolling students must be any of the following:
    • High School Student
    • Post-High School Gap Year Student