Innovation Camp for Educators 2016 - Session 1

Final Post Process

Karen Adams
1 / 14


Stacy Stephens and 2 OthersAllison Wise
Lyndsey Cox

Vayu: Circle back to Now

Curt Lewellyn and 2 OthersJ.J. Morrissey
Lauren Maiurano



Info-Flap For the Arm Pad

Jay LaBella and 2 OthersCharles Raymond
Hannah Gittleman

A very basic fun visual reference for those being sketched to see while the pad is in use during general social interaction.

The Mosaic Challenge

Jay LaBella

Somerimes, we don't really want movement in the piece!

The Framing

Jay LaBella and 2 OthersHannah Gittleman
Charles Raymond

Rough mock-up for Empathy/Simulation Device

Hannah Gittleman and 2 OthersCharles Raymond
Jay LaBella


Beth Cole and Elizabeth Markowitz

Adaptive Doll Project

Jill Walker and 2 OthersTom Mussoline
Mavis Miller