Lalita Bellach and Kody White

You are not alone

You are never alone


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An AR experience that transforms the NuVu space into a lonely and dark place. This project is expressing how some people may have felt during quarantine and the beginning of the pandemic.

The project consists of multiple distorted photographs placed around the room with a narrative describing the backstory for each photo. They will be placed on the ceiling, floors, and walls to give a sense that something isn't quite right while your peripheral vision will be blocked by the darkness around the user. This will most likely make the user feel lonely and a bit nervous based on the surroundings. However, (project name) is supposed to make people realize that nobody is truly alone in this world and everyone has gone through tough times during the pandemic.


An AR experience in which the user can see photos and read about how they evoke some of the feelings felt during quarantine. The photos are placed all along the floor, ceiling, and walls, in an attempt to create an uncomfortable experience for the user. 

Not everyone experienced quarantine the same way. This virtual exhibit hopes to widen peoples views and share some of the emotions felt during this time. The photos included in this exhibit show loneliness, boredom, sadness, and isolation, and the voice-over reads short stories that relate to each of the photos. 

To see this exhibit, the user should wear a google cardboard. The cardboard will let them see where the art is placed in AR, and let them walk over to it to examine it closely. As the user approaches a photo, the short piece of writing would be heard. they would stand, looking at the photo, and listening to the voice-over. The user would then continue to move to each photo, hearing their stories and thinking about what each piece of writing means. This project is for anyone who wants to know what someone else felt like over the past 6 months. If someone has felt like they've had the best time in quarantine, then listening and seeing this experience may open their mind to other people's more negative feelings.