Spring 2016 Exhibit


Libby Pohl and Keziah Hoyt

The Dogumentary is two different projects. The first project is a series of portraits of random dogs and their owners we found while walking around in Cambridge. In addition to taking pictures, we also asked a series of questions to the owner regarding their relationship with their dog. Our second project was taking pictures and learning about some of the stories of the dogs at Buddy Dog rescue shelter to promote the adoption of rescue dogs. 

Since Day One

Irene McLaughlin-Alves and 2 OthersOlivia Dobkin
Jack Mullen

An abstract film that both brings awareness to depression and embodies it. 

By Olivia Dobkin, Jack Mullen, and Irene McLaughlin-Alves

Shadow Art

Irene McLaughlin-Alves and 2 OthersJulia Szabo
Olivia Dobkin

This project is a product of experimenting with Shadow Art and the process of having an abstract structure project a planned, clear image through light. 

By Olivia Dobkin, Julia Szabo, and Irene McLaughlin-Alves