Closer to the finish line

Beverly Nwankwo

Today's work was a continuation of yesterday's work ; which was soldering the El wires to the regular wires. Which Abby and I did an excellent job on. Although the soldering process may be painful and stressful Abby and I were able to get the work done. The only thing that is holding us back as of now is the orange el wire that has not come in. And if by tomorrow we're not able to finish in time so that we can saughter and practice also then we will just manage with what we have. While Scotty worked with kedar on hooking up the Arduino to his computer, and Katherine got a head start in the sewing which was fantastic . I really like how things are going along in my group. Hopefully by tomorrow we will have a great portion of the work we need to be done, so that Thursday can be used for a dress/dance rehearsal. Things are going really well so far though and we're a great group of kids but I personally think the paste should be picked because if the time that left.