Jakob Sperry and 2 OthersStefano Pagani
Louie Adamian

Body Design:

The 3d Printer Station had to be redesigned due to a modular system that is being integrated into NuVu. It is now much wider and holds two printers each oriented horizontally. It is also shorter by quite a bit. The filament had to be held horizontally and there is little extra space for storage. The electronics compartment now fills the entire back of the Printer Station. We started to model the station in one file so we could have parameters and easily change the height, width, depth and plywood thickness. When we had to change the plywood thickness the model broke to the point of needing a complete redesign. We then decided that a multi-file model assembly would be much easier to deal with and edit. This new model was made within a day and is much better than the old one.