Cece (Ciarra) Duffy and Jonah Stillman
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Bird Planet: Design something for or inspired by the people who live there, or the things that happen there

Story behind the planet

  • Some sort of beings lived on the planet, and they tried to fix their failing economy by boosting the sales of multiple things, most importantly shoes. The manufacturers boosted shoe creating because they thought if people were depressed they would look down at their shoes, and if they looked at their shoes, they would want to buy ones that looked nice to make them happier. 
  • Something happened on the ground, where there were ridiculous piles of shoes so the people evolved quickly (within 5 min) and grew wings so they could fly away and live in a mountain side. 

Who are the people who live there?

  • Bird people → What do they look like? What are their characteristics? What do they need to survive there?
    • How did they transform? What did their bones, facial features, etc. change?


  • What would someone visiting the planet need to survive, or at least live there for their visit