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Post from Bike Shelters

Bike Shelters | Projects | Modular Park | Portfolio

  • Our urban park project called Modular Park is a visual representation of a social network that doubles as a work and social area deep in the heart of Boston's Financial District. Our idea was to incorporate human to human interactions as demonstrated through the proliferation of social networks and river networks into the design and esthetics of our park structures.

    Our project solves two problems, the first being the amount of unused space in the area, the second being the public's disconnection from nature and real human connections. Most of the people in the Financial District spend their whole day sitting in front of a computer, and we wanted to give this part of the city a more "Boston vibe" with real human to human interactions in an area where a user can still be a productive worker. 

    Boston prides itself on being family-oriented with human connections; however, the Financial District seems as if it could be any city's financial district. This project is important because it could provide an aspect to the city which it currently lacks: human interconnections, in an area that currently is completely unused.