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  • On October 11th, we welcomed Professor Azra Aksamija, MIT, Professor of Architecture, Art, Culture and Technology Department, in collaboration with Suissnex to run a workshop at NuVu. This pilot program used a new collaborative approach to preserve threatened cultural heritage through the creation of an interactive art piece.


    Students heard from Professor Aksamija about her work with refugee populations to bring cultural elements from their homeland to temporary shelters. In addition, students heard from Patrick Michel from the University of Lausanne, who provided a framing introduction on the Temple of Baalshamin in Palmyra, including its history and relevance.

    The workshop was a hands-on collaboration with NuVu students who took ancient embroidery from Palmyra, and translated it into contemporary designs using the cross-cultural narrative between the students’ personal experience and the Historic site. These pieces will continue to travel as Azra takes her workshop to refugee populations and students around the globe.