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Post from Animation for Syrian children

Animation for Syrian children | Projects | Julia & Christina | Portfolio

  • In this studio, we were challenged to create an animated video to go along with a poem, written by Harper, about Syria. To complete this task everyone in the studio picked a stanza from the poem that they liked the best. Julia and I chose the stanza about Sleeping Beauty:

    If you looked up

    just once

    you would see

    Sleeping Beauty

    the little girl, so restful she seemed

    if you don’t as how she died

    if you looked at her hands, her hair, her face

    and refused to look away

    If you lengthened your drifting attention span

    you would see her

    and us.

    This stanza is about a little girl that was killed in Syria. She was compared to Sleeping Beauty because of her striking resemblance to her.

    For our video, we created a completely 3D animation of Sleeping Beauty and the Syrian girl. We wanted to show how horrible and gory the death of this little girl was. We used an image of her face to help us create a realistic morph from the clean Sleeping Beauty into the bloody one.