Ant Farm

Natalie Ferry
1 / 21

Ant Farm is a video game developed in Unity that tasks a worker ant with bringing a strawberry to its hungry queen. Ant Farm is designed to draw players’ attention to their experience of the different spaces they occupy, with the objective of provoking certain emotional responses through the use of the video games.

Exploring how space and sound can affect peoples emotions played a huge role in the design of the game. Learning that shadows and the way a space is lit can instill a feeling of uneasiness while loud music and bright fast moving objects can make people feel overwhelmed helped when coming up with my own combination.Ant Farm is a game that has small tunnels and dark holes. When designing the game the deliberate decision was made to use an ant as an avatar; the small size of the ant is meant to instill a feeling of vulnerability, while the underground tunnels through which the ant maneuvers are meant to make the player claustrophobic. By bringing attention to the way space and sound are used to provoke emotion people can have a better understanding of how they are being manipulated.