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Post from Art for Radical Freedom

Art for Radical Freedom | Info

  • In this studio, you will learn to use art techniques to explore a value. You will create experiential art projects using Myth, Art and Ritual.
    Week one:  
    Crazy Introductions
    Understanding the art world
    Art, aesthetics and critical thinking

    Learning by making

    The creative imagination process
    The importance of starting with an imagination
    Aesthetic sensibility and uniformity
    Using pictures to  communicate feelings
    Curating coolness

    Art in the 21st century
    Going beyond what you make
    Introduction to Participatory Art
    Myth art and ritual - ideate for project work

    Curating communities

    YTMS - you teach me something and

    Week two:  thesis
    The "almost impossible” project
    Create a vision for the world
    Building myth art and ritual around an "almost impossible” vision

    Week three
    Storytelling workshop
    Building a narrative
    Making a presentation
    Exhibition and presentationa

    What they will learn at the end of the program
    Identity - I am, I am not
    I balance
    Artistic thinking
    Idea generation
    Creating value
    Resourceful thinking
    Building community