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Post from Periodicity

Periodicity | Projects | Cardiovascular | Writing

  • A heart that shows how fast or slow your heart is beating, and demonstrates the time passed by flashing specific colors. This heart is used for a peaceful meditation aid while the user doesn't have to keep looking up at a clock, or get easily distracted. 

     Meditation is the key to relaxation and stress relief. Ever have trouble meditating? That could be because of various reasons: distractions, others can't sit still for a long period of time, racing/ random thoughts, and among many other reasons. Personally, I always had trouble meditating because I was always distracted and I always started to think too much. When my partner and I decided to do something with the heart, we both thought about meditation and how it is difficult for one to meditate. That is how we came up with the idea of having someone use this while meditating. While trying to meditate, people tend to start thinking, but meditation is all about not thinking and putting your brain and body to rest. As someone is meditating, their mind is usually everywhere because no one is used to not thinking. When a person starts having random thoughts in their minds like a big essay, or an important presentation, it potentially affects their state of mind because they start to get nervous. Nervousness leads to fast heartbeats, which can easily distract the person because they are supposed to be at rest. With The Beat by Beat, the user is able to control their heartbeats because it can detect how fast or slow their heart is beating.  If they would like to know how long they've been meditating for, they can take a glance and whichever color is shining at the moment then that is how long its been. The Beat by Beat was made for people to feel at their best state of mind. Meditation can become part of your lifestyle just by focusing on your breath and having a clear state of mind. The Beat by Beat solves many issues with meditating which are incorportated within the product itself. Using the led strips in this product gives people a visual representation of time. Having it beat along with your heart helps the person concentrate on their heart rather than thinking about life problems. Meditating is a very important part of life, this product can change your life simply by detecting your heart rate, and allowing you to feel as happy as you could be. Being able to meditate without being distracted can increase happiness in your life because you just took a part of your day to focus on yourself, and your health. Using this product can help discover yourself as a person, and it can help by putting your mind to rest and allowing you to stop and think about how your heart is in correlation with your mind.