Adding Project Descriptions

Adding Project Descriptions

Andrew Todd Marcus

The Project Description is  1-2 sentence project description that appears in your transcript. 

It should be:

1-2 Sentences (written in the third person) that clearly and objectively identifies the project and its use. Do NOT include the name of the project in the description. This should be your clearest, best and most concise writing as it will be seen by colleges, your parents, and your home school. Eventually, it will also appear under the project title for all the world to see.


  • A portable heated IV for extreme climate situation and/or high altitude climbers suffering from hypothermia or dehydration.
  • A sculptural device that helps users practice the slow movement associated with Tai Chi by incorporating speed sensors into lit wooden dodecahedrons and leading the practitioner through a formal sequence.    

To edit the Description:

  • Click on the gear next to your Project Name
  • Scroll down to "Description for Transcript"
  • Enter the description
  • Click "Save"