NuVu+Virtual brings our award-winning full-time innovation school to students around the world. NuVu students are empowered to engage with real-world topics and solve problems through hands-on design. Our school welcomes students ages 13-18.
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A Decade of Studio-Based Learning

For the last 10 years, NuVu has been doing things differently. As the world’s first fully-immersive studio-based school, our students have been using the design process to build authentic solutions to real-world problems and connect in meaningful ways to the communities around them.
In March, as the world grappled with a global pandemic and began to go remote, NuVu quickly pivoted to a virtual studio model. Our goal was to maintain interactivity and make the virtual experience as hands-on and as relevant as possible to what was happening in the world. Over the years, our team has adapted and evolved the studio model, and this moment required another such iteration.
We changed the daily schedule to be more flexible, with students engaged in live, face-to-face studios for four hours a day where they shift between brainstorming, designing, prototyping, problem solving, and critiquing. We integrated more one-on-one advisory time for personalized student support. We added blocks for student-led activities to ensure our sense of community. After a successful Spring transition, we transformed Summer into our first global virtual Summer Program and piloted custom Maker Kits. We ran 21 studios with students participating from 20 countries around the world.

We deliver a highly engaging and personalized online studio experience

Expert Coaches & Mentors

No matter where you are based, NuVu students have direct access to and build connections with Coaches and leading experts from MIT and Harvard. These mentors bring rigor to the students’ process by providing daily feedback, challenging them to think in new ways, and encouraging iteration.

Student-Directed, Real-World Learning

Real-world studio topics, such as Designing During a Crisis and Shelter X Change, give students a voice and make their work relevant in the world in which they live. Using their creative skills, students come up with ideas and develop projects of interest that aim to improve the lives of others in their community.

Engaging Studios

Each studio is designed around relevant and timely topics that connect fields and disciplines. Working on open-ended problems, students deeply engage in the learning process, online and offline.

Dynamic Online Platform

Nufolio is NuVu’s revolutionary learning system that extends the studio environment online. Guided by experts, students experience carefully curated stages throughout the studio process, moving from progressive activities, relevant tutorials, inquiry and exploration, leading to a final project.

Custom Maker Kits for Hands-on Learning

By providing custom Maker Kits uniquely fit to their studios, students prototype their ideas from home. These comprehensive kits are designed and curated with materials, tools and exercises to support studios for both self-paced and collaborative activities.

Small & Personalized Studios

Working in small studios around a common topic with a shared sense of purpose, students feel socially connected to one another. With a 6:1 student:coach ratio, students get personal Coach support as they develop their projects as well as more peer-to-peer interaction.
Working virtually has made me more independent in a couple of ways, for example, I've gotten better about time management resulting in better scheduling. I've also become more invested in my own projects by being able to float between serious work and creative free time which are always influencing each other.
Ethan D, Student

Student Experience

Our students come from diverse backgrounds and from all parts of the world. While at NuVu, they use their skills, character and knowledge within the design process to build authentic solutions that impact the world. By thinking broadly about the world around them, they learn to address problems at all scales and imagine new ideas. Through NuVu+Virtual, we are making it possible for students outside the Boston area to access our engaging studio model and be part of our unique community of passionate students who are motivated to make a change.

NuVu’s Technology Edge: How We Bring Hands-on Learning to You

NuVu’s digital platform (Nufolio) and our custom Maker Kits help deliver the virtual studio experience to students anywhere in the world.


NuVu’s in-house digital platform and collaboration tool “Nufolio” connects students to one another and to a network of experts and coaches. Designed to support the studio process, Nufolio makes student learning visible by bringing their ideas, prototypes, reflections, and presentations to the forefront.

Maker Kits

Hands-on making is a core part of the learning experience at NuVu. For NuVu+Virtual, each student will receive a custom Maker Kit, specially developed by NuVu, that includes a curated selection of materials and tools that will be needed to participate in the studio process. Each kit is designed to integrate seamlessly into the studio curriculum. From Arduino to Bioplastics, students will be able to fully engage with our curriculum at home.
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