The NuVuX Partner Network consists of schools and organizations spread across three continents that implement NuVuX's studio model. Through the NuVuX Partner Network, we enhance student and school experiences through global connections, shared studio curriculum, expert knowledge, and pedagogical resources.

Partner schools in the NuVuX Network are committed to pushing the boundaries of K-12 education by challenging students in new ways through creativity and innovation.

Our partners span the globe from North America to Europe to Asia. Below are a few of our NuVuX partners and how we partner with them. We work with each partner to create custom programs and offer resources to best support students and teachers on the ground at the school. To learn more about the initiative, visit our Offerings page. Please send partnership inquiries to

North America

All Saints Academy
Winter Haven, FL, USA

All Saints Academy is an independent Episcopalian school in Central Florida serving students ages 2-18. At All Saints, our two NuVuX Fellows, Ray and Keenan, design and run Innovation Studio courses each semester for students in grades 9-12. Together, they coach studios on topics ranging from robots that help to improve daily life to designing devices to enhance the 'fan experience' at Lakeland Magic basketball games.

The Eliot K-8 Innovation School
Boston, MA, USA

The Eliot is our first Boston Public School partner in the NuVuX network. At Eliot, our NuVuX Fellows work collaboratively with teachers and help to support the makerspace and studio learning across grades K-8. One key area of collaboration is through Eliot's play-based learning initiative, EPIC: Eliot Play. Innovate. Create.

The Fessenden School
Newton, MA, USA

We've been working with Fessenden, a 117 year-old independent boys' boarding and day school, for the last six years. In 2016, Fessy launched their state-of-the-art Ciongoli Center for Innovation (CCI), and our NuVuX Fellow, Tiandra, has been an integral part of their Innovation team since 2018. Our Fellow co-leads hands-on Innovation Studio courses each semester, and collaborates with teachers and students in grades 3-9 on capstone projects, interdisciplinary initiatives and a variety of activities that take place at the CCI.

Hawaii Technology Academy (HTA)
Hawaii, USA

Beginning in Fall 2020, HTA will be the first charter school in the NuVuX Network. Our NuVuX Fellow will run Innovation Studio courses for middle and high school students at a facility provided by Leeward Community College, just outside of Honolulu.

Hillside School
Marlborough, MA, USA

Hillside School is an independent junior boarding school for boys in grades 4-9. Hillside was one of the first schools in the NuVuX Partner Network, and we have been running Innovation Studio courses there since Fall of 2017. Our NuVuX Fellow at Hillside, Chris, is the i-Lab Director and runs studio courses each semester for boys in grades 5-9. He is also the proud coach of the i-Lab Sports Team.

Odyssey STEM Academy
Lakewood, CA, USA

Odyssey STEM Academy was the second public school partner in the NuVuX Network. A new STEM-based highschool in Paramount Unified School District, Odyssey launched in Fall 2018 with 144 ninth graders. We worked with the founding team to help develop the pedagogical approach, curriculum and structure for the school. All Odyssey freshmen take part in our studio program as one of their four curricularly integrated courses: ELA, STEM, Math, and Design Studio. Aaron, our NuVuX Fellow at Odyssey, manages and runs studios in the Idea Lab.

The Wheeler School
Providence, RI, USA

The NuVuX Program at Wheeler is the first fully immersive studio program in the NuVuX Network. Beginning in Fall 2019 as a Sophomore Seminar Studio, the program transitioned to a semester-long Studio Term in Spring 2020. Thirteen Wheeler Upper School students are currently part of the immersive program, participating in four studios and an Open Innovation period over the course of five months. The program is led by our NuVuX Fellow, Shaunta.

Wichita, KA, USA

Wonder is our first elementary school NuVuX partner. Throughout the academic year, our NuVuX Fellow, Rima, works with Wonder guides to design and implement a daily half-day studio-based program for students in grades 2-6. Students have tackled subjects from the future of farming to creating augmented reality murals.

Woodstock Union High School and Middle School
Woodstock, VT, USA

At WUHSMS, we run IDEA, a hands-on interdisciplinary studio course for high school and middle school students. Our NuVuX Fellow, Max, also helps support a number of collaboration projects with middle and high school teachers in different subject areas, including environmental science, agriculture, and global studies.


Kelvinside Academy
Glasgow, UK

We began our partnership with Kelvinside Academy in July 2017. In Fall 2019, Kelvinside Academy opened Scotland's first Innovation School, a unique learning environment built around creativity, innovation and enterprise. The Innovation School is now NuVu's UK and European hub, running innovation studios during the school year for grades 6-12 and professional development workshops for local teachers.

Check out this short film "Creativity Across Borders" that shares some thoughts on our partnership and the broader educational challenges in the UK.

Asia + the Middle East

Karam House
Reyhanli + Istanbul, Turkey

Karam House in Reyhanli, Turkey, a community innovation workspace run by the Karam Foundation, was our first NuVuX partner in the Middle East. We began working with Karam in Fall 2017 to develop innovative studio-based programming for displaced Syrian teens. In 2018, Karam opened a second location in Istanbul. At both sites, Ramzi, our Head of Innovation for NuVu-Karam, works in collaboration with Karam House mentors to create and deliver studio courses for around 300 students each year.

Amman, Jordan

Ruwwad is a community development organization that works with disenfranchised youth in Jordan, Egypt, Lebanon and Palestine. Together with a team of mentors in Jordan, we run studio-based programs for high school students at the Ruwwad center in Amman. Beginning in Fall 2019, our NuVuX Fellow, Nadine, has been working closely with mentors and students to build this new program.

American School of Bombay
Mumbai, India

We began our work with schools overseas in 2012 with our studio programs at the American School of Bombay. Over the years, we've launched Studio 6, Summer Intersession and TRAI summits at ASB. Check out this recap video from the ASB-NuVu Studio 6 2015 program and this mashup video from the ASB-NuVu Studio 6 2016 program.

NuVuX Summits

Innovation Prize Summit

Each year, NuVu arranges a convening of students from around the NuVuX Network to participate in a summit held at NuVu in Cambridge. The summit is a celebration of exceptional work that has taken place in schools across the network and features an exhibit where students present their projects to invited experts and the wider Cambridge-Boston community. Partner schools select up to four students who have demonstrated high achievement in the studio program to attend the summit.

School Leaders' Summit

The inaugural NuVuX School Leaders' Summit was held in September 2019 at NuVu in Cambridge, MA. The Summit was an opportunity for school leaders from NuVuX partner schools around the world to gather for two-days to share and build relationships across our network. Participants engaged in a series of events around the future of learning, heard inspiring talks from thought leaders, and shared valuable insights from the past year and ideas for future programs.