Zach Rosenberg

ZPR Productions
Zach has been building, prototyping and designing since he was little. While at NuVu, he has constructed a multi-media backpack and a life-size, walk in experience where the users understand the amount of waste in our country. Zach has been an iPhone developer for 3 years now and is slowly becoming an expert in Objective-C; Xcode. He has two applications released to the App Store and is currently working on a number of new projects ranging from games to location based applications. Originally working under his friend's development team, LimePi Dev, he started his own team, AppleSDKDev, in early 2012. Throughout the year, he expanded his business through YouTube Partnership, iOS and OSX applications, and a website including an online store for purchasing merchandise and software. His YouTube account, as of January 2013, has obtained almost 4,000 subscribers and his website, before being closed down in late 2012, was receiving 50-150 page views per day. Since, ending his website and videos, he has been developing and producing under his new brand, ZPR Productions, which he hopes to be more of a general business, not focussing on development. In March 2011, Zach, with the help of his father and business partner, opened their retail shop, ZAPE. Visit