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College Night V2 Presentation

by Alex Harwitz, Bill Donaldson, Christopher Kitchen...


by Marjorie Belizaire, pierre Belizaire

Friendly Circles 2

by Christian Vaream, pierre Belizaire

Chocolate Mold making

by Alma Erro, Anara Magavi, Ben Haber...

Arrow Catch

by Malachi Harris, pierre Belizaire

Friendly circles

by pierre Belizaire

pierre Belizaire

by pierre Belizaire

Objects of Discomfort

by Hannah Kader, pierre Belizaire

The Installation

by Christopher Kitchen, Jakob Sperry, Janice Tabin...

Nature Motifs

by Christopher Kitchen, Maddie Johnson-Harwitz, Teresa Lourie...

The Distortograph

by Cooper Ducharme, pierre Belizaire


by Beatrix Metral, pierre Belizaire

Smart shell

by Louie Hillcoat, pierre Belizaire

Still Chimes

by Max Allen, pierre Belizaire

UV Mini

by Ben Pratt, pierre Belizaire


by Oliver Trejo, pierre Belizaire

Skills Week | Zach Belizaire

by pierre Belizaire

Robots Constructing Robots Constructing Robots....

by Harry MacArthur, pierre Belizaire