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Today we think of our homes as independent places where we live and connect with our families.  Tomorrow, our homes will be places where we live and also connect to the world around us – to people, businesses, experts, and even places far away– in an immediate way.  Our home of the near future will include innovative technologies – everything from smart watches and wearable devices integrated into the home experience, internet-connected thermostats and hardware, energy-efficient materials like smart windows, smart appliances, home automation devices and monitoring systems, living bio-walls – all of which will transform the way we live, save energy and water, and make for a healthier lifestyle.

This term, we will explore the “Home of the Future” and the new technologies paving the way toward a better tomorrow.  Studio topics will include: Furniture of the Future, Enhancing the Home Living/TV/Entertainment Experience, Smart Cooking Appliances, Improving the Home Environment, Cleaning Robots, Home Fashion and Wearable Tech, Kitchen of the Future, Micro-unit Housing, Smarter Mail Delivery, and Future Homes for the Disabled.