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During this term, students pack their creative tool kit and hit the road on a global trek to places like Zimbabwe, India, Taiwan and Sao Paulo, stretching their design reach into the world of international development. Students will delve into far-reaching cultures, economies and environments and explore energy-efficient and sustainable designs that change how people live in both rural and urban areas across the world. From products to businesses to systems and processes, students will create applicable designs in low-cost technologies and solutions. Students will also learn about current global development and social entrepreneurship models and their successes and failures in remaining sustainable over time.

We really hope to inspire, encourage and recognize inventors with a global perspective of economically, socially and environmentally-sustainable development. The world needs designers and creative thinkers; how can we be creative, innovative, engaging and stimulating for a far-reaching global community? Let’s design for development!

Potential Scenarios:
How can a bed be made using only recycled materials? What system can be created for cross-border communication through mobile phones? What are some ways to design low-cost medical devices for developing countries? How can a house be built with only stone? Can a clean water system be created for the world’s poorest communities? What are some new approaches to low-income housing?