The Bow Stand

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The bow stand assists a double arm amputee who loves archery and wants to have more accurate aim with the bow-and-arrow. This stand is made out of wood with screws and hinges to hold everything in place This device is for  A veteran who lost his arms in combat, the client used to use his feet to aim the bow-and-arrow, but with this assistive device he can rest the bow on the stand and draw the string back with his teeth. This bow stand will help him achieve more accurate shots. He will sit on a contraption like a rowing machine that will help him pull back the bow. A rotating pole helps him aim. When he releases the bow, the tripod stand will make sure that nothing falls over. The hope is that this will help him gain confidence and skill while in competitions or when doing it for recreation.  The  bow stand was designed with the belief that providing wounded veterans with custom-made devices will help them to feel confident in overcoming the challenges they face in their daily activities.

The Bow Stand: A stand,  designed for double arm amputees, to allow them to participate in the sport of archery. By harnessing the power created through the legs with a rowing machine, the Bow Stand allows the user to easily draw the arrow with his/her mouth.