Bioactive Bandage

Natalie Hatton and Clio Bildman
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The Bioactive Bandage provides instant relief to 2nd-degree burn victims by soothing and caring for the damaged skin. It is made of silicone that will infuse aloe into the skin, to keep the burn moisturized.  

The Bioactive Bandage helps victims of 2nd-degree burns which don't require a hospital visit but need to be cared for.  This project is aimed to help those with moderate burns and the scars that they may leave. The Bioactive Bandage could help people be able to accurately care for their wounds without having to worry and stress. 

The product is made out of a thin layer of silicone that sticks to the skin and allows bioengineered aloe to infuse itself into the burn site when needed. There are many other products that use silicone because it traps the heat in and keeps the skin clean, but our product infuses aloe vera, which has been proven to help significantly with soothing the burn and reducing scarring.  The user just needs to apply the silicone to the burn sites and let them heal.